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Nintendo Company, Ltd is based in Kyoto Japan. They are recognized as being the "worldwide leader in the creation of interactive entertainment" (Nintendo, 2002, PG). Some of the world's best selling video gaming has come from the Nintendo Company, including Game Boy and Nintendo 64. In America Nintendo is based in Redmond, Washington. It is interesting to note that in American households nearly 40% have a Nintendo product. The latest product launched by Nintendo has been the Game Cube, a video game console which will undoubtedly prove to be yet another bestseller.
SWOT ANALYSIS FOR NINTENDO Strengths: One of the biggest strengths for Nintendo is their completely sensitive human resource issues.
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If time is scarce, such as with the competition at hand with Microsoft, then a decision is best made by the team leader rather than taking the time necessary to bring together an appropriate committee (Gayeski 1998). There is sometimes the need for a decision that reflects the bigger picture. In some cases Nintendo has found that team members may have some idea about the situation but they may not see the problem as their supervisor does, from a strategic view. Supervisors at Nintendo need not always let the current movement toward teams cause them to devote staff time to meetings that are unnecessary or cause them to abdicate their leadership role. After all, being decisive is as much a characteristic of a good leader as are cooperation and a sense of teamwork (Anonymous 1996).

Threats: Threats for Nintendo at the moment would be mainly the Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft intends to unveil its current creation, the Xbox, just as Nintendo is going to unleash their Game Cube. Both versions feature excellent graphics and games, but neither will admit to which market it is targeting: the adults or the children. This is the first time that Nintendo has had a head-to-head run-in with an industry giant such as Microsoft. Nintendo has found that conflict can arise when there are not common goals among the group. For this very reason goal setting is something best done in group settings in which the members commit to the
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