Analysis of O'Hear Anthony's Article 'Philosophy, Biology and Life'

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Is the mind and body one cohesive unit, or are both components mutually exclusive? This issue of mind and matter, as the article illustrates, has been a pervasive problem for centuries. How does matter, such as a combination of cells, develop the ability to reason? Our brain is a combination of cells generating a conscious being. How does this transition occur? This contentious issue has plagued generations and has yet to be adequately solved. As the article illustrates, the inability to solve this problem originates from man's tendency to apply a narrow discipline to a complex issue. During the 17th century civil war for instance, the concept of mind and body was reduced to a more convenient answer. During this period, philosophers and thought leaders were prone to find simple solutions to many of societies more complex issues. Thought leaders during this period believed that all things were comprised of both mind and matter. In many instances, the concept of the mind was very vague and difficult to define. These solutions however were inadequate as they didn't take into account the interconnectedness of many of the variables in which they used. In many instances, thought leaders of the period simply attempted to isolate one variable in hopes of finding a solution to the problem of mind and matter. During the 20th century however, the though processes of philosophers changes. During this period, thought leaders where not barred by tradition and political culture that

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