Analysis of Overdue Bills Data

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TO: James Neiman, Management of QSCA DATE: December 9, 2010 SUBJECT: Analysis of Overdue Bills Data-Case #32 At Quick Stab Collection Agency, we value the ability to collect overdue bills from small residential & commercial accounts, and our goal is to achieve profitability growth while being able to avoid risky options. In order to maintain our company’s profitable growth in the upcoming future, I have analyzed the data on the relationship among variables: DAYS-the number of days to collect payment and BILL-the amount of overdue bills in dollars; and the additional two type of accounts given 1 being Residential and 2 being commercial. Below are my findings. Initial Overview Our billing department has provided a sample of 96…show more content…
In addition, while the results generated from current sample size is not large enough, we must conduct the next study with a larger sample size, as that will ultimately provide us with a more accurate estimates. Statistical Methodology I have selected Descriptive Statistics as my supporting methodology to this project because I believe it is by far the simplest and most commonly practiced form used to describe the quantitative type of data in a study. Not only have they provided simple summaries to my findings in this study, they also presented the data in a more clear, straightforward, and manageable way. This in essence, is what most management in any companies are looking for—the one report that they can easily interpret and understand. If you have any questions or concerns regarding my analysis and the presentation of data, I will be more than happy to discuss with you. Reference Tables Obtained From MegaStat Table 1 - Initial Overview | |DAYS |BILL | |count |96 |96 | |mean |49.78 |174.27 | |sample
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