Analysis of Paul’s Case by Willa Cather Essay

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According to many readers of Paul’s Case, this is a short story that shows affection, passion, and most of all enthusiasm. Willa Cather seems to base her stories off of daily life and events that she thought progressed in many lives. Her passion for writing showed in her literature giving a visualization on what people think doesn’t occur in the regular life of a person. Also throughout Willa Cather’s short stories she gave examples upon her childhood and her time spent in a small town she grew up in. Giving her the brilliancy and the ambition to become a writer of short stories which included, Paul’s Case. Themes are represented in all short stories in Paul’s Case, Cather shows the readers a young boy being brought up in a hostile…show more content…
This shows that Paul’s is not only an ignorant character but his joy for his job defines him as role model for other ushers. The arrogance showed in Paul was to make the story look more psychotic then it actually was. Throughout, the story Will Cather Shows very many personalities to Paul. Although that Paul does this from the beginning to the end of the story this makes Paul an static character. At his job after leaving from school, He “When he reached the concert Hall the doors were not open yet he realized that the doors were still open so he decided to go up into the picture gallery" (Cather 2). Paul does this because Paul does not want everyone in the Hall watching his every move. Critic David Carpeted describes "Paul’s case takes place in an mossy Pittsburg and glamour’s New York symbolizes two sides of him"( David 1). In the end of the story Paul finds himself sneaking into his basement after already being later for his curfew time, he decides to stay in the basement for the night. He just stared into the dark before coming to realization that his father my mistake him for and burglar and shooting him. Or his Father walking down the stairs pistol in hand frightened that there was a burglar down stairs and recognizing Paul but scaring himself. This shows the more psychotic part of the story, telling how Pau fail into daydreams when he was alone thinking about the most
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