Analysis of Percy Jackson and the Olympians

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The fact that Percy Jackson has friends is incredible. It’s an unshakable fact that any friend of his within a ten mile radius will be in a life or death situation with him by dinner, and they aren’t always so lucky as him. But that’s getting ahead of ourselves. Over the course of the five-part contemporary young adult series Percy Jackson & The Olympians, titular character Percy Jackson must embrace his Greek God parentage and save Olympus with the help of his fellow demigods. The aim of this paper is to discuss his Hero’s Journey throughout the series, provide an in depth character analysis, and draw parallels between Percy and the three classic Greek heroes of mythology: Perseus, Theseus, and Hercules.

The first novel of the series,
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To avoid further attack by monsters, Percy is whisked away to the one safe haven for demigods, Camp Halfblood, where he learns that his father is actually Poseidon the sea god.

It is revealed in the third stage, Refusal of the Call, that Alecto attacked Percy because Hades believed he was behind the recent theft of Zeus’s master lightning bolt and wanted it for himself. It is then decided that to clear his name, Percy should be responsible for finding and returning the bolt by the summer solstice, just a couple of weeks away. While any other demigod would jump at the chance to be given a quest with this kind of excitement and prestige, Percy is reluctant to be put in the spotlight and would rather blend in with the crowd. The main reason is that Percy has a very low opinion of himself and doesn’t think he would be capable of succeeding, let alone returning alive. Whether he is living in the mortal world or Camp Halfblood, he feels like an outsider, isolated, and tries hard to pass the quest off to someone more experienced. However, Percy is eventually forced to accept the quest, lest he be blamed for the master lightning bolt’s theft and cause a civil war amongst the twelve Olympian Gods.

Upon embarking on the quest, Percy’s journey takes an interesting twist on the fourth stage, Meeting With the Mentor. Percy befriends four demigods and magical beings, each who guides Percy along his quest and acts as a mentor to him. The first is Chiron,

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