Analysis of Personal and Professional Goals as HR Management

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Executive Summary This paper attempts to provide a comparative overview of various different professional Human resources associations with the aim of reaching a conclusion on the best option that suits my personal and professional goals as an HR professional. The paper presents a highlight of some benefits and deficiencies of each association through the discussion of membership requirements, value propositions and cost benefit analysis. To have a proper understanding of each of the associations, a SWOT analysis and cost benefit analysis was conducted. This made it easy for me to make the chioce for my professinal growth. The paper makes a conclusion with a recommendation of a CIPD membership in light of my personal career stage and future aspirations. Introduction In this era of inconsistent careers, which emphasize greatly on psychological success and self-direction (Noe 2010, p. 410), the propensity of most successful employees is to take into consideration a career, more in terms of a life-long journey towards the achievement of personal goals and objectives, rather than in terms of a current position, job or role within a company. This has perhaps become mandated because in order for most companies to survive and remain viable in their operating environments, employee job descriptions and roles are constantly revised or been changed according to an improved or new strategic organizational direction that meet new business objectives. Terms such as “workforce

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