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Analysis of Picasso's Guernica Picasso’s Guernica is one of the most powerful and disturbing anti-war paintings ever produced. I have always admired Picasso’s works and wanted to write a dissertation on some aspects of his work. I first saw his Guernica as a poster in my History of Art room. I was fascinated by it and wanted to find out more about its background. I then went to Madrid and saw this vast painting in the Rene Sofia Museum. Its scale and disruptiveness intrigued me to study this painting in depth. I will look at a short background to the Spanish Civil War and why it happened and how it destroyed the Basque town Guernica and everyone living in it. Then I will look at and study PicassoÂ’s reaction to the…show more content…
Unemployment in both agriculture and industry rose and those in work had to put up with a cut in wages as the economy struggled to survive the Depression. Also the Republic faced losing the support of those whose support it desperately needed the working class. Those who governed Spain had differing views on what to do. The wishes of the Left alarmed those on the Right and vice versa. Political argument was in danger of pushing Spain into social revolution. The middle ground in Spain’s parliament the socialists and middle-class radicals did try to resolve outstanding problems. Catalonia did receive some degree of self-government. Many army officers were made to retire early. The huge estates in Spain were nationalised i.e. taken over by the government, which would control what was done with them etc. The wages of those who worked in industry were increased but they were to be paid by the owners of those industries not by the government. The government tried to attack those it believed had too many privileges in society. But by doing this it made all the divisions in society angered and they had the potential to fight back. These were the military, industrialists, landowners and the Roman Catholic Church. These four (potentially very powerful bodies) were unwilling to support the Republican government in Madrid. They were also aware that there were countries in Europe that would be willing to give support to their troubles,

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