Analysis of Pirelli's Drive Toward a Global Strategy

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Analysis of Pirelli 's Drive Toward a Global Strategy 2
Systems Development 4
Range of Methods Available 4
The Systems Development Life Cycle 5
Issues raised by the case study 8
Evaluation of the effectiveness of the Information System for its Users 9
Control 9
Security 9
Health and safety 10
Conclusion 11
Appendix A 12
Appendix B 16
Bibliography 20

Analysis of Pirelli 's Drive Toward a Global Strategy

Arrigo Andreoni, Pirelli 's corporate director of information, believes that in order to keep up with the erratic nature of the global economy Pirelli 's worldwide Information Technology (IT) infrastructure needs to be redesigned and standardized. The Pirelli group initially had not
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Outsourcing is whereby Pirelli hired an outside organization that specializes in IT to undertake the project whilst Andreoni, who comprehends the necessities of the new system, would portray his IS plans and ideas and negotiate with the performing vendors who would then apply them to the project.

Another methodology used is External Acquisition of Software i.e. Off-the-shelf software with a high quality and high probability of fulfilling Pirelli 's business needs would be selected as the basis of the system. The external acquisition system selected was SAP R/3, a client-server based Enterprise Resource Planning system with integrated modules for Production, Factory Automation, Finance, Sales, etc, is recognised for providing collaborative business solutions. It would allow employees, customers, and business partners to work together anywhere and anytime, hence fulfilling an important aspect of the strategy i.e. globalization. It is also open and flexible to upgrades by supporting databases, applications and operating systems and almost all hardware.
Finally, the effectiveness of prototyping was applied (See Appendix B.1). Effectiveness? Prototyping allows for a feel of the system even before it is completed. Employees would be given the opportunity to clarify their information needs as they review iterations of the new systems, as a result they would become familiar with the system while being trained by the outsourcing consultants. Consequently since user
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