Analysis of Platoon

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In the movie Platoon, the author, Oliver Stone, tells us a story about an American soldier in Vietnam during the war. The story is mostly based on his own experience when he went there. Even though the story is fictional, he keeps it really realistic and the more close possible to what was reality in Vietnam. He shows how that war was hell for the soldiers we sent there and also for the local population. Oliver Stone produced Platoon to show his disapproval of the war in Vietnam, because that war harmed the American soldiers that went there and also the population that they were supposed to protect. To deliver his political message, Stone used different elements of a movie like the structure of the plot, cinematic techniques and…show more content…
After that, we see Chris that totally breaks down and passes his anger on a retarded one-legged villager. He yells at him and shoots near his foot to make him dance. He is acting like Barnes, unlike the heads. Bunny is there and he goes crazy and decides to kill the boy and his grand-mother. Chris witnesses that and does nothing, he just freezes horrified. Later in the scene, Barnes shoots the wife of a villager to make him talk and after that he put a gun on the head of the man’s daughter and he threatens him to shoot her if he does not talk. Chris freezes again and does nothing to stop Barnes and then, Elias intervenes and fights with Barnes. After that, we see some soldiers that are going to rape some children, but Chris, inspired by Elias acts, does not freeze that time and stops them. He takes the children away and we see Elias standing a little farther behind them. Elias does not say anything to tell him he was right, but we know he is proud of what Chris did and from that point Elias becomes the mentor of Chris. We could say that the village scene is a really important scene where Chris struggle to keep control of himself and that finally, he realizes that Barnes is evil and that he must follow Elias. In the jungle under the stars, Chris and Elias talk. Chris asks Elias what he thinks about the war and Elias tells him that he thinks that they are going to lose the war. Elias says: ‘We’ve been kicking
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