Analysis of Plato's 'The Ring of Gyges' Question

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Plato's "Ring of Gyges" essay 1. Even with the fact that cultural values are very important in determining a person's understanding of morality, it is only safe to assume that all people have a general system of laws that they use with the purpose of differentiating between moral acts and immoral acts. In order to determine what this difference actually is, one would need to focus on the nature of his or her acts and to the consequences that these respective activities have on others. If others are negatively affected as a result of one's behavior, the respective person is responsible for being immoral. Discerning good from evil is a particularly common theme in the present society, considering that it basically stands as a storyline for a series of books, motion pictures, video games, and similar concepts. Moreover, most of these products set clear definitions of the difference between good and evil by focusing on portraying evil as being associated with stereotypes. Similarly, good is associated with ideas such as honesty, the color white, or beauty, considering that these are stereotypes generally associated with the forces of good. Even with this, such stereotypes have made it difficult for people to have a complex understanding of the concept of morality. It is very difficult to discern between good and evil in a society where people can often trick others into thinking that they are actually good in spite of the fact that they have hidden interests. As a
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