Analysis of Poems 'Eurydice' and 'Mrs. Midas' by Carol-Ann Duffy

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Analyse how a writer used language to strengthen your understanding of their ideas.
“Behind every great man is a woman.” The famous saying reflected through countless couples over the course of history, Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, Alexander the Great and his Mother Olympias, and Prince Charles and Princess Diana. However this famous saying not only reflects the success of a man, but also how a woman is always “behind” a man. Behind the scenes is where a woman has spent most of her time, with a substantial focus on ‘history’ not ‘herstory’. A woman’s voice, her opinion and her viewpoint have all been heavily disregarded in the past centuries, with a woman being seen as an accessory to a man rather than an individual with the
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The setting for the first stanza of the poem is set with the aid of imagery which is used to create an optimistic and happy relationship between Mrs. Midas and her surroundings with a carefree attitude. However when Mrs. Midas spots her husband when “he was under the pear-tree snapping a twig” the tone of the poem changes as the line introduces some violence, and foreshadows the breaking of Mrs. Midas’ marriage to her husband, King Midas. In Eurydice, Duffy also uses language to foreshadow the apex of the poem, where Eurydice refuses to follow Orpheus back from the underworld. “Girls, forget what you’ve read. It happened like this,” is the turning point where the reader realises the first half of the poem is not how the series of events occurred, but rather the following stanzas is how the story really went from Eurydice’s point of view. The direct address of “girls” grabs the attention of the reader to show a sudden transformation of the original myth being told, which implies that the outcome from the original tale has been disregarded, helping to foreshadow what Eurydice’s real actions were; “I stretched out my hand to touch him once on the back of the neck...He was smiling
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