Analysis of Power and Politics Within Healthcare

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Analysis of Power and Politics within Healthcare Organizations

Dolores Metoyer

Ashford University
Analysis of Power and Politics within Healthcare Organizations

Power and politics are natural in every type of organizations. Organizational performances hinges on the political makeup of the organization, and the people that holds the power within the organization. ( Influence is usually exerted through the use of this power and is usually associated with the primary mission and vision of the organization. (Johnson 2009) Political ideas, economy and health care sometimes acts as precursors to conflict. Power facilitates the influence health care organizations experiences, and
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(Johnson 2009) This information may be designed to benefit that individual or a subunit.

Therefore, political games can be detrimental to health care organizations causing separation of the powers. Power within the organization provides basis for political games and competition.
For example, a billing clerk at a medical facility with concerns of billing false patients for Medicare payments. The whistle blower, Sherron Watkins at Enron had concerns about working for a company that manipulates their financial statements. ( Enron was a sinking ship with a big hole. The founder, Kenneth Lay knew about the illicit practice with the financial statements, but did nothing to warn stakeholders, employees. Sherron Watkins did not gain power, from the whistle blowing episode, she was able to write a book about her experiences at Enron, therefore, the two examples of whistle blowing incident hurt the employees, community, stakeholders, and many families.

In summary, Empire building, strategic candidates, and whistle blowing are all games played within the organization, to achieve a desired outcome for power. These desired outcomes may be achieved or some can backfire, whereas, negative circumstances are executed.


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