Analysis of Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely

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In the book Predictably Irrational, Dan Ariely brings forth the idea that all human behavior is done according to certain patterns; however these patterns are not always the patterns you would think of right off the bat. He leads the reader in a compelling journey into the realm of the human mind, and how humans view the world. For every turn of the page there is something new and surprising. However even with this constant change the book follows the same pattern, proving all thought is irrational. Dan’s use of imagery and descriptions along with many studies of how the human mind reacts to certain situations provide a stimulating read for all, regardless of the reader’s beliefs. Dan’s ability to mix facts with opinion, forcing you to…show more content…
Anyone who reads this will have to wonder if they would do the same thing… The answer is, surprisingly, yes. All people suffer from the same idea that any small amount better is okay, regardless of if it is “right” to do so, so long as there is no chance of being caught. Now most people would say right away that “No, I would not do that”, but after reading this book and thinking about this issue, people would say that they would probably cheat on a test for 5 cents, especially if they couldn’t be caught. Dan also connects with his readers to interest them in further pursuing these topics. He assumes that people reading this book are college level or higher and frequently references college life. These references serve to make the reader think that not only are these facts he presents valid but also that the reader is involved in this text. As an example Dan talks about the emergency pizza button in MIT’s East Campus. Anyone at MIT will instantly relate to this piece of humor he added in. Because Dan knew his audience, he is able to custom create his message for these college students. He does this both by his humor and the choice of studies he uses. All of his studies revolve around college life and/or students’ relations outside of school. He makes it so thinking comes naturally to those reading it, whether it is a simple thought such as, “Hey, I did that”, or “That’s my school”, these readers are engaged

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