Analysis of Products Page on the Microsoft Website

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Microsoft Website: Products Department
A. The key processes and systems involved in the Products page of the Microsoft website include project assessment, design, manufacturing, distribution to retailers, online retail sales (on a limited basis), and multiple systems including the basic power hierarchy of the company, the information sharing systems between departments to allow for in-tandem development, and customer service systems that allow for input in the product development cycle.
B. Though there is already a great deal of saturation in the market for many of Microsoft's products, the breadth of the company's product offerings and emerging markets still offer significant growth potentials. Competition is high In some sectors, but Microsoft has strong market dominance in the realm of other products and its sheer size makes it highly competitive in all industries.
C. Supply chain issues for the product development and delivery department at Microsoft are quite extensive and complex, with materials and labor sourcing/manufacturing centers spread out on a global basis, and with end-product distribution also taking place across a wide geographic area. Shipping logistics as well as marketing development for specific areas are key concerns for this department and the company as a whole.
D. The Key Result Area (KRA) for the Microsoft products department is the development of new products, simply stated as innovation. Several key performance indicators could be selected as

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