Analysis of Proposed Migration to Windows Service

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Wingtip Toys: "The most fun on earth!" P.O. Box 10101 Queens, New York 11692 M E M O R A N D U M Date: February 28, 2013 To: Network Administrator From: Junior Network Administrator Subject: Analysis of Proposed Migration to Windows Service 2008 In response to your request for an analysis of the viability of Wingtip Toys upgrade from its existing Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008, the following information is provided: A SWOT analysis on the viability of the upgrade; A discussion concerning the various considerations that are involved in migrating to Server 2008 from both technical and business aspects, including a viable step-by-step migration plan. An explanation of how Server 2008 can be beneficial for Wingtip Toys. A list of minimum hardware requirements and related costs. A discuss at three new features in Windows Server 2008 that can contribute to the effectiveness of Wingtip Toys' business of manufacturing and selling toys. A discussion of a potential strategy to provide secure network access to Wingtip Toys' employees who are located in satellite offices. A review of a journal article that discusses a real-world organization's information technology migrations plan, either hardware, software, or both, and compare the processes and procedures that were followed to support this migration to this plan, including similarities and differences. Finally, a summary of the research and important findings are presented in the memorandum's conclusion.
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