Analysis of Qantas Airlines as an Employer

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QANTAS Airlines As An Employer Are Its Business Polices Consistent With Its HR Policies Contents A Snapshot Of QANTAS 3 QANTAS as a Caring Organization 3 Work-Life Balance at QANTAS 3 Rewarding and Recognition at QANTAS 4 QANTAS as a Diverse Organization 4 Recruitment and Selection 4 Talent and Inclusion 5 Flexible Work Arrangements 5 Compliance to Occupational Health and Security 5 Succession Planning at QANTAS 6 Reality of Qantas 7 QANTAS as an Underpayer and Unreliable Employer 7 QANTAS As A Biased Organization 8 Disastrous PR Practices of QANTAS 8 QANTAS and Its Industrial Relations 9 Findings 9 Recommendations 10 References 12 QANTAS Airlines is one of the most prominent businesses in Australia. Where QANTAS is said to have provided employment to seven thousands Australian citizens, it is important to understand that QANTAS has been highly criticized by its employees in recent years for not being a caring organization. There have been few instances which have highlighted the non-professionalism of QANTAS management and also the discrepancies in its system. It is important to analyse the operations of HR department of QANTAS and its overall strategy to evaluate if the strategies of QANTAS as a business and its HR strategies are on the same page for achievements of the objectives (Guest et. al, 2003). A Snapshot Of QANTAS QANTAS operates an average of 450 domestic flights daily and around 540 international flights every week,
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