Analysis of Real Housewives of Atlanta

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Since the beginning of time itself, Television has been one the most influential pieces of media that the world has ever encountered. The beginning days of television depicted stereotypical mothers cooking and cleaning their homes for their husbands and children. Yet, as the decades passed, television took a dramatic turn, leaving the days of drama free entertainment as a vast memory. Now a day, however, when one hits the power on button to Bravo, the screen lights expand to ritzy socialites dealing with their everyday lives as “housewives”. Bravo TV’s hit number one reality television show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, deals with the everyday lives of modern-day housewives. When speaking of these women and their family life, the…show more content…
It was so bad it actually made the Kardashian's oeuvre look like Emmy-winning material.”The women seem to always have some type of complication in their hands. The husbands let their wives do whatever they feel like engaging in, and the children are spoiled brats who have complete liberty. Occasionally, this type of scenario is not seen, however, especially when speaking about newest housewife and former model, Cynthia Baily. Cynthia is the only housewife on the series that has no obscure drama that involves futile, petty less girl fights. For the rest of the southern women, unfortunately, drama is their way of life. Images of the “housewives” are excessively pictured on the internet. has pages full of group photographs of the women in their exotic southern outfits, sparking smiles and diva personas. Pictured on the first page is a photograph from, featuring the cast of The Housewives of Atlanta. It is intriguing to note that this portrait has been cropped together as one unit. In reality, however, each woman is a picture in its self that the producers of the show pushed together to appear as one photograph. Each woman is given certain characteristics to make them, in turn, an actual character on a show. Characters are needed so that the viewer’s cans stereotype each woman, thus providing a cast of characters. This provides an array of misconceptions of who these women
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