Analysis of Red, Green, and Murder Essay

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Red, Green, or Murder In Posadas County, New Mexico, a retired sheriff by the name of Bill Gastner gets caught in thing that he would have never thought. He knows two things about humans - most criminals aren’t as smart as they think they are and humans are highly predictable. Gastner was suppose to have lunch with George Payton but instead he found himself racing to meet up with an ambulance because his neighbor Dale Torrance lands on the wrong side of his horses hoofs. Returning from the hospital Gastner learns that Payton was found dead by his son-in-law after only taking a few bites of his lunch from Don Juan Onate restaurant. Although everyone thought that since Payton was elderly and his health was failing that it…show more content…
There was no room for mistakes but now since he was being sent to the hospital he called Gabaldon and asked him to dump the poison on the other side of the border so that no one could find a trace of it on him. Gabaldon had remembered that he had to be at work on time because he had important business to take care of. So he hid the truck and the trailer and went the work. Apparently somewhere along the way some had stolen the truck and the cattle were released. Eventually the poison made it to the other side the border but not the way they intended it to. Sheriff Guzman found the poison in the truck and locked up Dale Torrance and Pat Gabaldon for murder.

Red, Green, or Murder The arthur choice the title for this novel because it describes the struggle. This story relates more to his own life. The struggle the Sheriff and Gastern had in solving the case is the same struggle he had. His wife was going through a disease and they couldn’t find a cure. The color red stands for how he thought he was in the red zone. He couldn’t figure out the case and for some reason it was hard for him. The color green means that he was getting his confidence back and he started believing he could figure it out. Murder stands of how they worked together and they solved the case and it was a murder. Unlike the story his wife lived and didn’t die. He was very happy that he could spent the rest of his life
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