Analysis of Research Study: 'How Do You Count the Dead?' by G Vogel

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How do you count the dead?" Vogel, G. (2012) "How do you count the dead?" Science 336: 1372-4. A well-managed and functional health system gets enhancements through a country's willingness and potential to understand health issues that affects its population. The same way it is important to count births, it crucial to count deaths and understanding their causes as a way of putting in place a well-operational health system. However, the only feasible way to count deaths is through civil registration. In fact, civil registration offers the foundation for a person's legal identity besides making it possible for a country to understand and determine its most pressing health problems. In this regard, Vogel (2012) asserts that enhancing civil registration systems is important. Notwithstanding the importance of civil registration systems in keeping track of pressing health issues affecting a given country, Vogel (2012) confirms that most countries do not know how to enhance registration systems. Moreover, in nations with less powerful central registration systems, communities and families hold fewer or no incentives to register deaths and births. As a matter of facts, some countries are bureaucratic hence making it easier for people to dig holes and burry a loved one other than registering a loved one's death. As such, people find it more easily to burry a loved one without registering his/her death with local authorities. Nevertheless, with the modern advancement in technology,

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