Analysis of Resources, Capabilities, and Core Competencies of Tesco

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4.2 Analysis of Resources, Capabilities, and Core Competencies Selecting a business strategy that details valuable resources and distinctive competencies, strategizing all resources and capabilities and ensuring they are all employed and exploited, and building and regenerating valuable resources and distinctive competencies is key. The analysis of resources, capabilities and core competencies describes the external environment which is subject to change quickly. Based off this information a firm has to be prepared and know its internal resources and capabilities and offer a more secure strategy. Furthermore, resources and capabilities are the primary source of profitability. Resources entail intangible, tangible, and human resources.…show more content…
Casing Drilling showed an operating loss of 2.8 million for Q3 2011. This was a decrease compared to prior quarters. • Top drive backlog was 68 units which was an increase from prior quarter. • Profitability continues to grow for the tubular service industry considering it is a high competition industry and a sluggish economy. Tesco continues maintain profitability. • Strong cash position. At the end of Q4 2013, Tesco has $97,277 (in hundreds) which is an increase as they have continually grown their cash consistently over the past few years. • Low debt liabilities. At the end of Q4 2013, Tesco maintained a debt of $120,705 (in hundreds) for total liabilities. This consisted of low long-term debt, other liabilities, and deferred liability charges. • Strong balance sheet. At December 2013, Tesco Corporation recorded 381,438 (in hundreds). Technical Resources: Tesco has a strong technical presence as shown below. • Tesco Corporation offers a top drive which eliminates the need for the traditional kelly and rotary table and reduces the amount of manual labor and hazards related to this part of a job. For Tesco clients this equals higher efficiency in their operations. • Casing Drive technology is available to all top drive-equipped drilling rigs. This means that all advantages of top drive equipment ensures a streamlined operational process when drilling casing operations. • Tesco’s

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