Analysis of Romance of Resistacne by Lila Abu-Lughod

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The Romance of resistance is an article which is written by Lila Abu-Lughod in regard with the different forms of resistance among the Bedouin women and the traditional structure of power among the Bedouin Community in the Egypt's Western Desert. She arrived in late 1970 to begin a fieldwork, and she discovered different forms of resistance among the Bedouin women. In this Article she emphasis on how the Bedouin women resisted the decision of their fathers, uncles, and older brother, how the resisted the sexually segregation, and sexually irreverent discourse. Furthermore, it also talk about how local communities are being incorporated into modern states and integrated into a wider economy. The first one is sexually segregated, since the community is rule and influence by man particularly elder so it led to Defiance and women merely take the advantage of secretly like meeting friends or visiting healer and even sometimes smoking secretly. This shows how women are restricted. The second form of resistance is girls and women resistance to marriages. Where women have no control over the arrangement of the marriage but only elder man or relative like uncle and father decide even they were intimidate and force to marry a person older in age than them. But sometime girl’s mother take stands and refuse the male decision as author mentioned the story of her host that the mother refused the decision of his husband in regard with marriage of her daughter. Also there were other

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