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The Boston Beer Company and Samuel Adams have both had a long history. Since the 1870s, six generations of the Koch family have been involved with beer. In the early 1980s, the seventh generations almost turned his back on the family business. After graduating from graduate school, Jim Koch wanted to stray always for the family business and seek a career in management consulting. After a short time in the consulting business, Koch decided that he just could not ignore his destiny to create a new, different beer. In 1984, Koch was on the search for a “better beer”. The only options at the time on the market were pale lagers from mass producers (Company), Koch decided there needed to be a change. In April 1985, Samuel Adams made in bar …show more content…
Because Samuel Adams prides themselves on being a top notch craft beer producer, a lot rides on their reputation. Boston Beer and Samuel Adams have a strong reputation that rivals even the biggest of beer producers.

Other strategies that Samuel Adams uses for the success of their company are demand forecasting inventory management, and capacity management.
 Demand Forecasting – Samuel Adams uses demand forecasting to ensure that their customer gets the best and freshest product available. By forecast how many barrels and cases need to be produced, the company ensures that there will not be an extreme excess once the product is ready expire. Samuel Adams also uses the forecasting technique to determine the amount of their seasonal beers that the company will produce at that time of year. By forecasting, the company can adapt their product for the ever changing tastes of their established customers.
 Inventory Management – Samuel Adams takes both an external and internal inventory of their raw materials to insure a constant inventory at all time. The company also inventories their unfinished product while it is a work in progress. They test the product constantly. They test the product during the brewing stage, the fermentation stage, the lagering stage, and the finishing. All forms of inventory management ensure that the products used to produce the beer are always on hand.
 Capacity Management – The Boston Beer company tries to occupy enough capacity to

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