Essay about Analysis of Shakespeare's Hamlet

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An individual plays a vital role in keeping patience to reveal the truth. In the play HAMLET, Shakespeare demonstrates the way of thinking of a character and how they deal with it. Through the comparison of two characters of hamlet and Ophelia, the reader is shown the nobility roles, madness and their tragic deaths after the death of their father. “O heart, lose not thy nature”. Viewing the wordings of these particular words, we can observe how hamlet endeavors to make himself patient in the position of being dealt as a son, while he goes to his mother. His noble way of controlling …show more content…
For him it was not the right time to do so, which is true. His patience was the reason for his traps to take the revenge for his father’s death, as a result which reveals the truth at the end when Claudius asks for light where there the light is referred to the opening of the truth. On the same parameter, if we see Ophelia, it shows her madness, after her father’s death. This was her reaction to her father’s death, as she collected pansies, fennel, columbines and some others after her father’s death to demonstrate love, false promises, repentance and faith fullness. These were the injustices and her reactions to her father’s murder. This was so critical situation that she also commits suicide as it’s the human nature to love their parents no matter how cruel of harsh they may be. As a daughter she loved her father, cared for him and lost her state of mind after his death. And this rushed her to commit suicide, and moreover if we glance at hamlet, his struggle gave him what he wanted, Claudius’s death, and he died as a tragic and ideal prince.

“…but I do prophesy that election lights on Fortinbras”. His ideal character and the truthfulness made him to think about Fortinbras, and his status. Hamlet’s patience agreed to the honor
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