Analysis of Shangri-La Hotels

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Table of Content PAGE NO. 1. Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 2. Overview of Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts ----------------------------------------- 1 3. Board environment analysis -------------------------------------------------------- 2-3 4. Organizational resources of Shangri-La ----------------------------------------- 4-5 5. Hotels’ Strategies -------------------------------------------------------------------------6 6. Key issues confronting the Shangri-La --------------------------------------------7-8 7. Recommendations and Justifications…show more content…
It represents an opportunity for hotels by paying efforts on developing appropriate strategies and methodologies to take advantage of these trends, such as FaceBook fan page media. [List of popular social networking sites shown in Appendix C] From the technological perspective, the management should focus on the innovation of products, services or procedures which can affect the hotel operations (Yang & Fu, 2007). For instance, online booking have grown rapidly over the years (Jin-Zhao & Jing, 2009). According to Griffin (1998), the development of high-tech information systems can further contribute the hotels ability to introduce new concepts, target better locations and markets, track staff performance and identify potential franchisees. Most importantly, it will have the greatest benefit on the customer satisfaction if companies could able to effectively utilize advance technologies and access large amount of valuable data to build competitive advantages (Siguaw & Enz, 1999). For the political and economic forces, the hotel executives should endlessly observe any environment and policy change that would dramatic effect the hotels perform. For example, the statutory minimum wage paid for workers will increase the cost of hotels, but on the other hand that might be possible to motivate potential employees to do a better performance. Lastly, some unexpected natural forces (e.g. SARS, H5N1) will be the potential

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