Analysis of Short Story: Armor

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ANALYSIS OF THE SHORT STORY ARMOR BY JOHN BENGAN By Aireen Grace Asis Dongon Ron Ron Sawal Fabian Rosas Catherine Palacio Villagen Shiela Marie Ordinario Villaluz Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in Lit 001 (Philippine Literature) Camarines Norte State College Daet, Camarines Norte March 9, 2015 Jocelyn A. Trinidad Literature Adviser CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION A short story is a brief work of literature, usually written in narrative prose. It is a fictional work depicting one character’s inner conflict with others, usually having one thematic focus. Short stories generally produce a single, focused emotional and intellectual response of the reader. Novels, by contrast, usually depict conflicts among many…show more content…
The people in the short story are the characters who create a dominant impression on readers. They are the living beings in the story that think or act in order to keep the story going, the characters are primarily responsible for the illusion of life in a work of fiction. They must seem like living and feeling individuals in order for the readers to feel strongly about them so they will keep reading about them. The plot shows the sequence of events which involves the characters and the result of conflict. It may show causes and effects, or in any other way to show a relationship between one incident, and another, and between all of them and the final outcome. It begins by introducing the time and place setting and the main characters which is followed by a complication. This entails the problems and struggles that would be encountered by the main characters leading to the crisis. After the problem has been identified, the climax, which is the highest moment of interest and greatest emotion, takes place. The untying of the entangled knots or denouement goes after it leading to its inevitable ending. Conflict is essential to plot. Without conflict there is no plot. It is the opposition of forces which ties one incident to another and makes the plot move. Conflict is not merely limited to open arguments; rather it is any form of opposition that faces the main character. Within a short story there may be

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