Analysis of Six Poems

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I personally have read theses six poems a few times each now. Starting with “Introduction to Poetry,” “How I Discovered Poetry,” “Poetry Should Ride the Bus,” “How Poetry comes to me,” “Making It in Poetry” and “Poem.” I for one will be explicating each poem and discussing how they are similar and different in their own ways. As well as explaining my own thoughts on the poems themselves and summarizing what I believe them to be. In the first poem, “Introduction to Poetry” the speaker is obviously a teacher. He is trying to get his students to appreciate poetry. The first line is made of an “I,” followed by a “them,” and then “poem.” These are the three mechanisms of the whole poem. “I ask them to take a poem” (1). We know “I” refers to the teacher, “them” is referring to the students, “poem” is just the poem he is asking them to pick up, and this proves to place the scene in a classroom. The most interesting part of this poem was “or press an ear against its hive” (4). The narrator does not just tell the class to press their ears against the poem. He wants them to listen to the poem itself, the poem's “hive.” Telling you to listen to the sounds involved in the poem. He has turned the hive into a metaphor for sound in poetry. If you read line four aloud you will notice the repeated “S” sound and the more you repeat it the more it sounds like buzzing of a bee hive. In the end, Billy Collins is arguing that the students are trying to discover what the poem is trying
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