Analysis of Sojourner Truth

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“In some cases, campuswide averages have crept up from a C just 10 years to B-plus today” (411). In Brent Staples essay “Why Colleges Shower Their Students with A’s” he makes many issues and arguments on the subject. Many college level institutions are faced with demanding consumers and competition from other universities over grade issues. The colleges have simply started just handing out more and more A’s to their students to better their satisfaction. This action taken by the colleges is having many repercussions on grade inflation and making the value of degrees meaningless worldwide. With this alarming statistic about the campus wide averages and the universities resorting to giving the consumers what they want is creating a terrible…show more content…
If they are going to use their own money they are expecting to get the best grades possible—no exceptions. These blood sucking animals will not back down without a fight. They will stand, they will protest, they will argue. The students and parents have a right to question grades, but to an extent. Their arguments should not be so demanding and they should be happy they are getting a voice to express their side of the story. Students and parents are becoming very demanding concerning grades and will go as far as they can to get what they think they deserve. Some universities wanted to use the Johnson plan of calculating grade point average differently than before, but this plan would make student’s academic careers much more complicated. Staples exclaims “Valen Johnson, a Duke University statistics professor, came under heavy fire when he proposed recalculating the grade point average to give rigorously graded courses greater weight” (412). Johnson proposed this plan thinking that it would help students be more successful, but all it would do was make everything very worse. Under this plan all courses would be given the same equal weight, but this plan would have many drawbacks. Depending on what major a student had, that student would be required to take certain courses
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