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Air transport is a global industry and as such every airline is a likely challenger for every other. It is contrary to expectation that any airline will be able to contest on a large scale without being associated to other carriers. Traffic feed is the industry's lifeblood and stand-alone carriers will be labored to carry low-revenue point-to-point traffic when front with airlines able to offer manifold route alliances. Southwest Airlines is a major carrier to the USA accounting for about 85% of its airfreight tonnage, but it also operates scheduled services to South Africa, Japan and Hong Kong. The subject of strategic alliances inside the air transport industry is not a well-researched area. This is due, in part, to the truth that…show more content…
In many respects, by its very character the air transport industry has always been a global business. The progress of larger more efficient aircraft has contemplated that air travel is increasingly commonplace. More people have the chance to travel to more places than ever before. As an outcome of this, the traveling public's anticipation has been lifted. Thus the industry is becoming increasingly globalized and phrases such as seamless service and frequent flyer program have turn weapons in the fight to win passengers. American carriers, immediately shattered by the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, are not the only ones affected. The dust was only just starting to settle on the wreckage when the knock-on effects were intimidating intolerable stress for other carriers already suffering from declining passenger numbers and rising fuel and other costs. Setting up direct marketing program helps Southwest airlines to take a more connected, and focused outlook. The customer feels in demand and this helps in building goodwill. There are numerous issues one has to deal with while founding something new and this was kept in mind Southwest airline’s investment decisions, the selling structure, policies, automation of the system, etc. To be ready to deal with them, a few new programs must be set up. For instance, customer-ranking action must be grown. The steps mentioned earlier must be carefully thought about and

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