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Stephen King: On Writing
Stephen King is a man of many talents and personalities; not only is he able to scare his readers immensely, he is also able to make them laugh. I chose a passage from Stephen King's On Writing for this assignment; the passage stuck in my mind for a long time after I finished the book. His writing style is unique compared to the other autobiographies I have read over the years. Everything that a person writes has a meaning or purpose whether it's a letter or an essay and voice, tone, and style play a very important part in how the reader views the piece of writing. King manipulates the rules of writing in order to emphasize the meaning of the passage, which is to describe an early childhood experience, so the
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"….Hand-slapping, butt-rocking, head-tossing outbursts of glee". His use of repetition in this sentence puts stress on what is causing her to be happy; the reader knows automatically that she finds pleasure in punishment. This paragraph is also the only one that has extremely long sentences separated by semi-colons and many comas.
King also chose certain terms to describe Eula-Beulah, which can be described as rhetorical features. "….she was as big as a
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