Analysis of Strategic Position

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Deutsche Post World Net has a unique spectrum of international services including brands DHL, Deutsche Post and Postbank with different types of services. Thus, we have decided to focus on DHL in this analysis in order to better understand to strategic position within logistic services.


Legal: ▪ Deregulation and liberalisation of the airline industry ▪ Environmental regulations and protection

Political: ▪ Liberalisation of international trade ▪ International trade regulations and restrictions ▪ EU expansion(needs for infrastructure and information technologies)

Economic factor ▪ Economic integration ▪ Globalisation Economic growth ▪ Stage
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Market positioning

Market position of DHL as well as its major competitor is in broad market with differentiated services.


The biggest part of DHL 's businesses run in intracontinental and intra-Europe. DHL gain good position also in Pacific Asia, where has around 40 per cent of logistic market. DHL has only 7 per cent in US and where face to competition with major competitors FedEx, UPS and on this market also US Postal Service. DHL lost their customers during the complex air and hub consolidation investing millions of dollar in this market and this market will be not profitable until 2009.

Business model


To be on Asia market - has the biggest growth potential...


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Porter’s 5 forces

Competitive rivalry:

In Deutsche Post World Net annual report 2005 is written “Globally, Deutsche Post World Net has a comprehensive range
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