Analysis of Strong Interest Inventory and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

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Introduction The population selected in this context is that of high school students. High school students are young, with some individuals considering them as leaders of the future. This is because students normally decide on their career paths when they complete their high school level. The purpose for this analysis is for the determination of their pattern of interest, as well as what they are inclined to do because of their personality type. To facilitate execution of this particular activity, I will ensure usage of Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers-Briggs. The purpose of selection of the Strong Interest Inventory is to determine the interest of the students. On the other hand, the purpose of Myers-Briggs is to ensure determination of the personality type as well as the career they would most likely decide to undertake. The instruments that I have selected may offer proper results when I carry out my analysis. For instance, Myer-Briggs ensures the provision of an in-depth personalized account of personality preferences. The Strong Interest Inventory, on the other hand, ensures that there is the generation of an in-depth evaluation of interests among an extensive range of occupations, job leisure activities, and educational subjects. This is always the case to facilitate helping of individuals in matching their interests. They can be educational interests, occupational interests as well as leisure pursuits that are entirely compatible with those particular

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