Analysis of Tartuffe based on Aristotelian Methods

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Given CircumstancesThe given circumstances of Tartuffe are few, yet they are essential to the reading of the script. The time of Tartuffe is displayed through several ways: while no specific time is ever mentioned, we know that the play takes place sometime after 1640 because the currency mentioned (the Louis) was established in 1640. And since now specific time references are mentioned, we can assume the play takes in 'modern times' i.e. during the time it was written (the 1660's). The action of the play takes place in a single day.

Tartuffe takes place undoubtedly in France as shown by the currency, the use of French throughout the script and our assumption of it's modernity as mentioned above. The currency points exclusively to France
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The obstacles are mostly Orgon's pride and refusal to believe his family because he is placing religious piety as the most important thing in life, over truth.

CharacterCharacter FunctionDamis and Elmire serves as a transitional characters, his hotheadedness and her impatience move the plot along. Cléante functions as the normative character; not being closely related to the action he brings a voice of reason to the play. Cléante often brings news of the town and of society. Dorine's jokes and wise comments allow her to function as the fool stock character. She gives little glimpses into the other characters. Mariane and Valère function as the young lovers. Orgon is of course the protagonist, receiving the action from the antagonist Tartuffe.

Composition and Super Objectives of Main CharactersOrgon is dominated by his will and gets his way through his authority as father, husband and master. His super-objective is to find guidanceTartuffe is dominated by his thought and focuses his arguments on logic, since he is able to trick Orgon. His super-objective is to find a place to hide.

Dorine is dominated by her feeling and argues by emotion since her responses are often passionate and her caring. Her super-objective is to restore the natural order of the houseProtagonist AnalysisOrgon wants more than anything to find guidance. The main reason he has accepted Tartuffe is because he believes Tartuffe's piety and devoutness
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