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Analysis of The Blue Hotel by Stephen Crane "The Blue Hotel" by Stephen Crane is a story about three travelers passing through Fort Romper, Nebraska. Pat Scully, the owner of the Palace Hotel, draws the men to his hotel that is near the train station. In the hotel the three men meet Johnnie, son of Scully, and agree to play a game of cards with him. During the game, the Swede declares Johnnie as a cheater; this gives rise to a fistfight between Johnnie and the Swede. The Swede wins the fight but leaves the hotel with a false sense of confidence. He goes to a nearby bar and boasts about his victory and eventually gets himself in a fight with a gambler; and Swede eventually is killed. The central idea behind the action in the story is…show more content…
The fight ends and the Swede rains as victorious. The second conflict starts when the gambler kills the Swede in the bar. Earlier in the story, the Swede had been acting very strangely after drinking from what Scully had given; he had been totally a different person. The Easterner had seen Johnnie cheating in the game but he did not stand for it. Later in the story he reveals this and says that all of them were responsible for the death of the Swede. "The Blue Hotel" is written in third person. The writer is omniscient in that he knows all that the characters are thinking and he reveals the thoughts of the characters. For example, "The Swede made a movement then which announced that he thought he had encountered treachery from the only quarter where he had expected sympathy, if not help." Also, "Johnnie evidently felt that as the son of the proprietor he should make a direct inquiry." By using this point of view, the author makes the reader feels comfortable and literally involved in the story. The setting of the story is in the wintertime in Fort Romper, Nebraska. The writer uses the cold and the blizzard to foreshadow that something tragic is going to happen. He again uses the setting by describing the hotel's color (blue) as a misconception; he describes it as a color that draws people in it especially when the background is white with all the snow around. As the Swede enters the bar and the people inside seem very distant from him, this

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