Analysis of The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

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In the novel, The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison readers are taken throughout the daily lives of African Americans who are faced with numerous trial & tribulations. Already facing the harsh reality that they were inferior to the white race. There were many families throughout this story that was faced with this stigma, however it seemed that the Breedloves had it just twice as hard. A series of social problems of which African Americans were victims to during the 1940s-1060s such as Rape, interracial prejudice, and mental illness. First and foremost, it's important that I state that Toni Morrison’s real life indeed does correlate with the actual story, The Bluest Eye. Just as the the little girl narrating the story was nine years old in…show more content…
“Bobby loves Pecola Breedlove! Bobby loves Pecola Breedlove...never fail to get laughter from those in an earshot, yet mock anger from the accused. (Morrison, 37). Pecola was viewed as ugly to everyone so many used her as an object to toy with. She even made excuses for those people who treated her wrongfully by saying that if she were different then maybe those around her would act differently towards her. “Why, look at pretty eyed Pecola. We musn’t do bad things in front of those pretty eyes.” (Morrison, 37)She was obsessed with blue eyes, to the point where she felt inadequate in the eyes of whites. Pecola obsessed over their pretty blonde hair to their blue eyes & white skin. More than anything she wished she could be like them, those blue eyes would give her a bit of that satisfaction. The ridicule continued even further in an instance where Pecola was apart of a trickery. In which Junior, lured her into his house saying “ You want to see something? I got something to show you.” (Morrison, 72) Thinking she would see kittens without the scare tactic of it all. “Here is the kitten.” All the while throwing the cat in her face, scaring her to tears. In essence, killing the cat & putting the blame on Pecola. Geraldine stuck in her ways believed her son of course. Seeing Pecola as nothing more than a nigger, as she defines as loud & dirty. After examining her she saw that Pecola fit that description perfectly. Then said “ You nasty little black bitch, get out of my
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