Analysis of The Colour Purple Film Essay

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Analysis of The Colour Purple Film

'The Colour Purple' is a novel written by Alice Walker in 1982. It is the touching and inspirational story of Celie. The story is set at the start of the twentieth century and Celie is a young black girl living in the Deep South. Celie writes letters to God in which she tells about her life - her roles as daughter, wife, sister, and mother. Through the course of her story, Celie meets a series of other Black women who shape her life. Throughout the story Celie is the centre of this community of women, the one who knows how to survive. The highly praised Hollywood Director, Steven Spielberg modified the novel for film in the mid-1980s. When turning this novel into
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This is effective because it shocks us the audience and is hard hitting. Spielberg also creates this mood by tracking the girls running around in the flowers, we as the audience see a close up of the purple flowers, which establishes their freedom. As the girls are running around in a field of purple flowers, the flowers are representative of the title of the film, the suffering and bruises and also the celebration during the film. When Celie emerges from the field and we see that she is pregnant, Spielberg chooses to use a long shot of Celie which pauses on Celie for a few seconds, we as the audience are shocked and made to realise that the life of Celie is not what it seemed when the two girls were running around in the flowers, also by pausing this image it allows we the audience to reflect on what we are seeing. Then we witness Pa coming towards the two girls and Spielberg uses a long shot to show all three characters, this is effective because it gives us a positive image about the characters relationship, but when the camera slightly zooms in on the two girls faces it makes us the audience slightly confused because the image of a happy family is ruined due to the way they react to Pa in a discomforting fashion. The image of a happy family is also shattered when Pa says, 'Celie you
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