Essay about Analysis of The Ending of Jacob's Wake

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Analysis of The Ending of Jacob's Wake

The ending of a play can be one of purpose, one that leaves you with a sense of completion and fulfillment. In the play “Jacob’s Wake” the ending was, to say the least, odd. I didn’t really get a sense that the ending belonged to the play. The whole time during the play I was waiting for things to turn around in the family, then all of a sudden the ghost came into play. Though I wasn’t much of a fan of the whole play, I did think the ending could have been done a little better. I thought the ending was trying to portray how things were going to be turned around and that the family was going to work together. Having said this, I think the ending that the director said he was going to leave
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The ending did leave me with some hope for the future of this family. If I were to change the ending, I would have perhaps had the Skipper change his mood towards the family, and have the family find out more about his life in order to see that if they don’t start to get along with each other they will miss out. I think the ending needs to put more emphasis on the Skipper and how the family lives their lives accordingly. One part of the play that confused me was the part where the Skipper kept calling out for Jacob. I had somewhat of an idea of what happened but I had wished that they would have explained more of that story line in the play. I would have liked to see the Skipper show more affection towards his family near the end.. That way it would have changed the view of how the family was acting towards each other. I just felt as though there needed to be something to show the family that they can’t lead their lives with all the fighting and tormenting. I did think the ending showed this in a way, though I found it unclear. Even when Brad ran out into the freezing weather, the family seemed to have no remorse. If I were to rewrite the ending, I would have had that scene be the part where the family realized that they needed to treat each other with more respect. I found that at the end of the plat, I was disturbed with what I saw. I had
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