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Based on a true story, the movie ‘Lone Survivor’ features four Navy SEALs that set out on a mission to Afghanistan with orders to capture and kill Taliban leader Ahmad Shah. The Navy SEALS are detected by villagers and the mission was compromised. Ultimately, the mission had been discovered and the men found themselves surrounded by dozens of Taliban soldiers. One of the Navy SEAL soldiers managed to dispatch to base and retrieve assistance but the Taliban shoot down the helicopter. During battle, three of the Navy SEAL soldiers were killed leaving one still alive. Director Peter Berg based this movie off of Marcus luttrell the survivor of Operation Red Wings. This powerful war film features actor Mark Walberg who portrays the real life…show more content…
The second scene of socializing is when the SEAL team introduces new members into the group. In the movie, character Shane Patton recited a pledge to the former Navy SEALs that expresses the mission statement that Navy SEALs live by. If a new member is able to cite this mission statement it shows a lot about the individual’s character and becoming part of the elite team. An example of social interaction seen in the film is found mid-way through the film. A Afghan village live by the Pakhtunwali code, meaning if anyone from that village takes in an individual that community will fight tell the death for that person. In Marcus Luttrell’s case this afghan villagers took him in and cared for his wellbeing. Senior Taliban leader found out that the village was protecting him and tried bribing the community with money to give up the soldier. The village’s spiritual values helped to keep Marcus Luttrell alive and send him back to the United States. In this part of the film it is interesting to see the diversity in Afghanistan and the different views the people live by. Some will go out of their way to protect someone they have never met before. Mohannad Gulab, the person who saved Luttrell has a very close relationship with him. Although there is a language Barrier between the two, both say they can still understand what each other is trying to say because they share a special bond. Occasionally, Gulab comes to America to visit

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