Analysis of The House of the Scorpion by Nacy Farmer

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The House of The Scorpion, by Nancy Farmer, follows the life of a boy named Matt Alacrán throughout the first fourteen years of his life. In the country Opium during a futuristic time period, Matt lives with his “mom like figure” named Celia, who is actually a caretaker and housekeeper at the residence of El Patron. El Patrón is a very wealthy man who is 148 years old. He manages to live for so long due to his production of eejits, which are clones that he relies on for transplants. With his need to live, Matt is created as a clone. The everyday circumstances that everyone else face, become magnified to a much greater extent for Matt since he’s a clone. Since Matt is technically El Patrons life, he gets special, precautious treatment. This special treatment vanishes when Celia and Matt ally their forces to cease the transferring of organs between Matt and El Patron. El Patron died and Tam Lin, the bodyguard of Matt, was ordered to kill Matt. Since they were close, Tam Lin helped Matt escape to quickly get across the border. Matt just makes it across the border but is put into a home with other orphans. There he makes friends with three boys named Chacho, Fidelto, and Ton-Ton who are partners in his escape. When they finally escape from the boneyard, Matt reunites with Celia to be told that he is not a clone anymore, but a human that is now the owner of Opium. The character I can relate to most in The House of The Scorpion is Matt. At the start of the book, Matt is a

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