Analysis of The Lost Children of Wilder by Nina Bernstein Essay

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Analysis of The Lost Children of Wilder by Nina Bernstein

“The Lost Children of Wilder” is a book about how the foster care system failed to give children of color the facilities that would help them lead a somewhat normal and protected life. The story of Shirley Wilder is a sad one once you find out what kind of life she had to live when she was a young girl. Having no mother and rejected by her father she has become a troubled girl. Shirley Wilder was rejected from foster care because she was black. The system failed to place children of color into these homes because they weren’t white, Catholic, or Jewish. I cannot even believe that this went on years ago. Just because you are of a different race meant that you could not
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Just because of her race she was not able to receive the things she needed. According to the law though, she was qualified for treatment but of course there are always loop holes to get around certain terms and conditions of the law.
I think a big problem came from the foster-care workers. “Some foster-care workers said that matching skin shade was a legitimate way of easing a child’s adjustment to a new environment…” (Bernstein 113, 2001). In some situations I do believe that it would be hard for a child to adjust to a certain kind of environment but that does not mean that the only thing that should be matched up is skin color. If a child needs a home and their skin color happens to be different from the adoptive parents, so what. They are still going to receive the care they need regardless. I do not know about everyone else but if it was between getting foster care parents who are a different race than me or not getting foster care parents at all I would choose getting them.
This book so far is very disturbing to me but hopefully everything turns out okay for Shirley. From the first part of the book we learn that race really does matter. Hopefully in this day we do not have these problems. I think that just because you are a different race or religion does not mean that you should be denied the proper care and supervision.

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