Analysis of The Sleeping Beauty by Tchaikovsky

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'It seems to me, my dear friend, that the music of this ballet will be one of my best creations. The subject is so poetic, so grateful for music, that 1 have worked on it with enthusiasm and written it with the warmth and enthusiasm upon which the worth of a composition always depends." - Tchaikovsky, to Nadia von Meck. The Sleeping Beauty by Tchaikovsky is another ballet that is based on a fairy tale, and was first presented to the Tsar of Russia. It tells the story of Princess Aurora, King Florestan's daughter. The fairies have been invited to Aurora's christening, and each one in turn dances and gives a magic present. However, the wicked fairy, Carabosse, interrupts the ceremony and is furious that she wasn't invited. She announces…show more content…
The oboe then plays main melody. There is a rallentando and diminuendo with a flute melody and pizzicato strings. Pas d'action There is a minor brass introduction followed by ascending and descending major scales played by the harp. The strings play a legato melody and there is a pedal note in the woodwind. The music modulates back to minor and there is a crescendo with a sequence and use of the timpani. There is a descending arpeggio played by the brass section, and then the string melody is repeated with brass repeated notes. The music has a ¾ rhythm and an adagio tempo. There is a quiet woodwind passage with a timpani roll and crescendo. The main melody is then played by brass. It is then repeated with cymbal crashes, brass fanfares and a timpani roll. There is a crescendo with discords and imperfect cadences. And the piece ends with a perfect cadence and timpani roll. Panorama The harp and pizzicato bass strings accompany a legato string melody in major. There is a crescendo and diminuendo, and then melody is repeated. The music is quite fast and again has a ¾ rhythm. There is a modulation to minor and the strings play a sequence, which is repeated by brass. Major harp scales close the piece. Waltz The piece opens with a major ascending sequence by the orchestra with an imperfect cadence. Bass instruments play the waltz rhythm for 2 bars then the strings come in with the sequential legato melody.

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