Analysis of "The Stolen Party" by Liliana Heker

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An Analysis of Liliana Hekers “The Stolen Party” Destiny Hailei Fincher October 7, 2014 English 1302 The author of the story The Stolen Party, Lilian Heker, was born on February 9, 1943 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Hekers career began at the age of 17 when she met Abelardo Castillo. Castillo was writer and chief of the literary periodical, who introduced Heker as an editor to a magazine. In 1966 Heker published her first collection of short stories, Los que vieron la zarza. In 1972 she published Acuario and then her first novel Zona de Clivaje in 1987. Heker had been devoting herself to an analysis of political repression. She wrote another novel in 1996, El fin de la historia, during the Argentine dictatorship which was a time marked…show more content…
Rosaura finally realizes the truth by Senora Ins at the end of the party by giving her two bills and insisting her as her pet. Rosaura’s happiness was shattered and heart broken by the harsh words by Senora Ins (“Stolen Innocence: A close reading and critical analysis of Liliana Hekers “The Stolen Party”). In addition, Rosaura, the little 9 year old Hispanic girl in the story, is forced to come to the reality that people are looked down on due to their social class. This story gives a good example of a loss of innocence in a child who doesn’t know any better about society. The reader and her mom may sympathize with Rosaura but they are not surprised by the outcomes in this story. Rosaura has a blast at the party, playing all the games, helping the magician with his tricks, serving cake to the other children, and getting to see the magician’s monkey before the other children at the party. By the end of the party Rosaura felt special, because she got to help and do much more than the rest of the children there. But unfortunately her happiness quickly comes to an end. While she was leaving the party Rosaura didn’t receive a toy like the rest of the children as they were leaving, but instead she received two bills from Senora Ines, the hostess of the party. This left Rosaura crushed, hurt, confused, and forced to see the reality of society. Rosaura’s mom on the other hand, has the same emotion and

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