Analysis of "The Welcome Table" by Alice Walker Essay

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Analysis of “The Welcome Table” by Alice Walker
Pamela Crawford
Eng 125: Introduction to Literature
Instructor: Andrea Pfaff
September 24, 2012

Alice Walker who wrote “The Welcome Table” had issues of race and gender that was the center of her literary work and her social activism. She participated in civil rights demonstrations. (Clugston 2010). This short story has a theme of life and death. It shows the plot of the story, the point of view and has symbolism used to show the death of the old woman and what the church members thought of her as a black woman. (Clugston, 2010, Section 7.1 and 7.2) Later in the story, she is walking up the road with Jesus, who came to get her and take her to The Welcome Table that she always
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For example, when the men in the church picked the old woman up by her arms and carried her out of the church. (Walker, 2003). The cold she felt going back outside. I could feel her humiliation and hurt. The disgrace of being thrown out of God’s house had to be horrible for her to go through. Considering is analyzing. The symbols were the specification of the season. It was winter and below freezing. This symbolizes her life cycle being about over. The church was cold and freezing inside (a sign of death). Another symbol of her death was the storyline that said “as if she were an old collie turned out to die”. (Clugston, 2010) The old woman also had the color of poor gray Georgia earth. Her description of her dress she wore being black and the description of her face being dazed and sleepy, and shut now like an ancient door symbolizes her death. Concluding is the interpretation of the short story. This story of prose is a story about an old woman ready to die and as she makes her last visit to the church she only gazes up at the sky and she has nothing to say. She is unwanted by the church congregation and they make it known by throwing her outside in the cold. She only looks up and down the street and sees Jesus coming for her. The tone of this story indicates that she is still alive throughout the church scene until she is outside and sees Jesus. Then the tone changes and reality sets in. She has in fact, passed away and Jesus is coming for
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