Analysis of Theoretical Framework Essay

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Analysis of Theoretical Framework
EDUC 701: Theories and Research in Educational Psychology
February 24, 2013

Teachers are required to teach reading and comprehension skills to students and help them be able to read and comprehend materials from the past and present. Dr. Constance L. Pearson (1990) writes a dissertation entitled "The Comparison of the Effects of Three Prereading Advance Organizers on the Literal Comprehension of Fifth-Grade Social Studies Materials" in this paper he is trying to see if the use of a prereading advanced organizer would help build the fifth grade students comprehension and knowledge skills. During this stage of students learning development it is very important to start working on their
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One reason that the reader may have a problem with content text is that the material is written on a higher reading level then the intended reader. As a result the writers have tried to simplify the terminology and shortened the sentences. They did not take into consideration factors that inherent in the reader such motivation, reading ability and interest. There is one human factor that has the most influence on comprehension and that is schemata. Comprehension of the material is being determined by the knowledge that the reader brings to the selection. The more schemata the reader has for the topic the more they will understand the topic. Content materials especially in the area of social studies seek to develop many concepts; students often do not have the framework to attach new knowledge. Students must have an understanding of the concepts in order to comprehend the material they are reading.
In chapter two of the dissertation Pearson explains how the research and literature that relate to the relationship of advance organizers to reading comprehension. He discusses the history of the study of reading comprehension and advance organizers. The schema theory is discussed as it relates to the study of advance organizers. Before 1970 reading comprehension was viewed as a process solely activated by the text itself. The views on reading
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