Analysis of Three Articles

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"Life in the Dark Ages" According to this article, the term the "Dark Ages" refers to the time period after the fall of Rome and before civilization was reborn. Although the Christian Church existed, it was not a very strong or unifying force. The real power belonged to barbarians, and brute force was used to keep law and a sense of order for the people living during this time. In terms of "government," this article explains that the concept of government during this era was very different from what we think of as government today, with its three branches and elected officials to ensure that citizens are treated fairly and justly. In the Dark Ages, "governing" meant groups of soldiers going out into people's homes to collect money, or "tributes." Then, as now, money was important in government. However, the means of collecting it was much more brutal and much less just. Soldiers, however, were not the majority of the population. According to the article, most people during the Dark Ages were peasants. They took care of their own food by farming. They also made their own clothes and providing their own housing. Men were the traditional hunters and gatherers, although meat was considered a delicacy at this time. When they had a successful time hunting and animals were killed, this was considered a "luxury." Women, on the other hand, kept to traditional female activities inside the home. "The Rise of Christianity and the
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