Essay on Analysis of Three Republican Presidential Candidates

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The United States economy has always had its ups and downs like the rest of the world’s economies. Since December 2007 it has been in a recession, and it has not been able to come out of it yet; with the passage of time, we sink even more. Our current president Barack Obama has certain strategies to take us out of this, even though according to economists that recession ended since June 2009, the economy is growing too slow and the number of unemployed people is outrageous. For the 2012 elections many Republican candidates are trying to formulate new plans that differ from those that Obama has worked out, all these are strategies to get elected as presidents or in Obama’s case, reelected. Ron Paul has been part of the United States…show more content…
Another of his proposals is to eliminate or audit the Federal Reserve because it prints currency daily which causes the dollar value to go down. He also plans on cutting Federal spending because the Republicans and Democrats do not seem to reach an agreement on whether or not to raise the debt ceiling. He is not in favor of the U.S defaulting on its fourteen trillion debt because that will make the debt held by other countries depreciate in value. His proposals are very tempting for businesses. He does not want government intervention and making all these regulations will make it better for the people to demand because they will have more income to spend, and the small businesses and large corporations will have enough revenues to keep supplying more products for everyone. His proposal to increase tariffs on imported goods will hurt the U.S trade with other countries. His offers are designed to help the economy and to take it to a state where it can be healthy again and grow. Ron believes in having a balanced budget to have a strong and safe economy. Rick Perry has been Texas’ governor the longest after being reelected twice. He is concentrating on creating new jobs and preserving social values. He has a record of created jobs in Texas. His plan is to make the economy better based
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