Analysis of Timothy's Case Study Essay

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Analysis of Timothy's Case Study

PSYC 2700
Child Development Case Study Analysis
Capella University
March, 2014

Analysis of Timothy's Case Study

Timothy’s story is about a sequence, or timeline of events showing how being in a certain environment can help shape a child’s development. Timothy’s behavior from the beginning was a perfect example of how children model after their parents or caregiver. He was exposed to violence at a very young age from his parents, and therefore that was how he learned how to express himself. With his parents out of work and in low paying jobs, the whole family was under a lot of stress. Timothy was spanked as a result of them not dealing with their stress in a
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They are also more likely to have inadequate social skills, more hostile behavior, and trouble following the rules. Research suggests this occurs because children are stressed from the long hours, and because of the low quality of the daycare. (Berk, 2012) An important factor in preventing insecure attachment is attending a high quality daycare and good communication between the family and the daycare. Family circumstances play a huge role in attachment security. Parents must find a good balance between children, work, and stress to ensure their child has a healthy attachment. Families with excessive stress are more prone to attachment insecurity. Exposure to an insensitive or uncaring environment at home and in a daycare setting magnifies the chances of having an insecure attachment. (Berk, 2012) Children may have emotional issues when there is no attachment to one or more adults. Neglect and child abuse both contribute to insecure attachment. (Berk, 2012)
In Timothy’s case, he did not have a secure attachment to his parents or the caregiver at his daycare. His parents’ violent behavior toward each other, and the spanking done to him, caused him to internalize his feelings. His basic needs were not met at the daycare he attended 10 hours a day. The caregiver had too many young children to care for so he got little affection or attention, poor
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