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To his coy mistress is about sexual feelings and infatuation, based on the Italian tradition of courtly love - it is filled with compliments and references to sexual activity and deviancy but is generally a one sided love, the whole poem is about the man wooing the woman and persuading her that she should have sex with him. Throughout the first stanza the poet writes how he would love the woman, had they had all the time in the world. The love is much exaggerated.

"I would love you ten years before the flood"

This is clearly an exaggerated statement because the flood happened before Christ, before the poet or the woman even existed. This portrays that he would love her forever.

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By calling it winged chariot- he also gives it an almost mystical perception - of a flying chariot gliding through the air from the heavens like an angel therefore as well as emphasizing his haste he also in some way gives it an angelical personality.

As the stanza progresses, the theme of death is introduces to the woman - almost used as a threat against her to convince her to lose her virginity while she still can.

"Nor, in thy marble vault shall sound my echoing song…worms shall try that long preserved virginity.

The poet is almost mocking her for being so modest about sexual intimacy; implying that she is naïve and that she will die a virgin and the creature of the earth will take it away from her - again the poet is referring to the natural world. One could also say that he is in some way stating the fate of the "vegetable" love he was referring to, because if the vegetable is left for too long and not eaten (like her virginity not being taken) it will lye in the ground, rotting and being eaten by "worms"- just as she will when she dies.

He is also saying that while she is young and beautiful she should have sex before she turns old and loses her attraction.

"While the youthful hew sits on thy skin like morning dew… let us sport while we may"

Again using natural symbolism "morning dew" -
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