Analysis of Tony Kytes, the Arch Deceiver by Thomas Hardy Essay

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Analysis of Tony Kytes, the Arch Deceiver by Thomas Hardy The story is about a man who is unsure about how he feels towards his fiancé. The attitude shown towards love by Tony shows that he is uncommitted. Tony is unsure about his feelings for Milly; he is united with his former girlfriends Unity and Hannah. He then confuses himself about who he wants to marry. He does not love the girls for their inner beauty but only for their physical appearance which is not counted as love this is shown by him saying "I never knowed you was so pretty before" . Whereas milly's attitude shown towards love is strong and committed she feels that Tony is the perfect match and assumes that he feels the same. Milly is engaged to Tony, but…show more content…
In what way is she better then I? I should have made `ee a finer wife, and a more loving one too. `tisn't girls that are so easily won at first that are the best. Think how long we've known each other- ever since we were children almost - now haven't we, Tony?" And then she goes on to say "And- can you say I'm not pretty, Tony? Now look at me!" the game Unity is playing is "mind games" where instead of being up front she makes him try to realise for him self. The mood and atmosphere of the story is light-hearted but it also has some essence of seriousness, it starts as it began, like a fairy tale it ends on a happy note. The language used in "Tony Kytes" is straight forward, it has the odd accent of old English like "Twas a little, round, firm tight face, with a seam here and there left by smallpox, but not enough to hurt his looks in a women's eye" The structure of the sentences is more involved in conversations between Unity and Tony, Hannah and Tony, and also Milly and Tony. The structure of "Tony Kytes" uses three women, it is portrayed as a love triangle, all three women love Tony, and Tony is confused about who he likes and who he wants to be with. It is like a fairytale, it ends as it started it has an unrealistic sequel. The story of "Tony Kytes" is told by a wagon driver who is one of Tony's friends; he has

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