Analysis of Tracy Letts´Play, August: Osage County

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Tracy Letts August: Osage County is a modern drama that epitomizes the role of honesty in relationships. Despite the overall complexities of the play, the magnified lens that Letts focuses on family interactions helps readers distinguish what is keeping the relationship between family members intact. In this case, it is that the Weston family lies to themselves and each other to preserve and maintain love. August: Osage County depicts that love is not based on honesty. The characters work hard to arrange their environment in a way that distorts reality. The two recluse elderly inhabitants, Beverly and Violet, deliberately cover the windows with “cheap plastic shades “ (10) and duct tape to shield themselves from,” outside light “ (15). This results in a household that seems “dead “ and neglected, to the naked eye (10). However, the houses metamorphosis is what preserves the livelihood and routine of Beverly and Violet. Because it is difficult to “differentiate between day and night” in the house, time, an “outside” force, does not progress (15). Thus, the darkness of the house quells fears of reality such as aging and abandonment that haunt Violet throughout the play. Moreover, the constant darkness enhances the ability to be self reflective, however, because it never becomes “day” in their home, the two never act upon their thoughts, leaving problems unresolved and emotional needs unanswered(15). However, their solitude keeps them together. Interestingly, Violet “does

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