Analysis of Travis Perkins plc Essay

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Analysis of Travis Perkins plc
Executive summary
This report intends to analysis the macro and internal environments and financial position of the Travis Perkins plc by conducting the PESTLE and SWOT analysis. In the beginning of this report, it introduces the mission of Travis Perkins plc. After that, this report presents the PESTLE analysis to show the company’s external environment. Then, it depicts the SWOT analysis of Travis Perkins plc to show the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of this company. It follows by the financial strategy analysis and results of Travis Perkins. The balance sheet analysis will be presented in the appendix. In conclusion, the comprehensive environments are favorable to Travis
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2.3 Value of Travis Perkins plc
The value of Travis Perkins plc can be described from the following aspects: First, from the aspect of the relationship with consumers, the company understands the expectations and needs of consumers, respecting them and responding them in time. Second, from the aspect of the group itself, the company works together as a united family to solve problems first when faced problems instead of criticizing someone first. Third, from the aspect of development, the company has a deep understanding of what they do now and what they are going to do next, pursuing being the best (Travis Perkins plc,2011, p10).
3.0 PESTLE analysis
Macro environment is crucial to the development of a company. All the external factors can have huge positive or negative influences on Travis Perkins plc, therefore a better understanding of the environment of the company is of supreme significance (Peng & Nunes, 2007). Among all the analysis tools, PEST analysis is one of the most effective tools to analyze the external environment of a company (Riley, 2012). This part will demonstrate PESTLE analysis of Travis Perkins plc below. The result of PESTLE analysis can be demonstrated in the following table 1.

Table PESTLE analysis of Travis Perkins plc
The raise of the

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